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Icom IC-R75

Kenwood TS 2000

 Inrad filter 92

 ZLP cat control

 Yaesu FRG 7700 M

 Signal Communications Corp. R-535

 Commex Scanner 1


 End fed


 Active crossed parallel loop LZ1AQ


 Tuned active shieldied loop

 Broadband active loop

 Tuned active loop

 Tuned active

 Tomato broadband active 

 AUV portable active

 Mini Whip PA0RDT

 Dressler ARA-60

 Sony AN-1

 Yaesu FRA-7700

 QFH 137 Mhz

 Super Moxon VHF bande II


 Antennas accessories

 Preselector Lowe PR-50

 Preselector Mizuho SX-1D


 Phaser SEM QRM Eliminator

 RF preamplifier 0,4 - 50 MHz

 Choke balun

 Power supply

 9V power supply "radio friendly"

 13,8 V Euro CB EPS 1012

 13,8 V Velleman HQ Power PS 1310

 AC filters

 DC board

 DC converter


External speaker

CW Gun

Data switch

 Audio Box



 Data splitter

 Data réception samples

 Reverse beacon for SWL

 Digimodes frequencies


Low orbit satellites set up

Geostationary satellite QO-100 set up

 Bias Tee LNB

 ISS SSTV "Cosmonautics Day" avril 2018

 ISS KG STV Experiment Feb 2022

 T. Pesquet,FX0ISS,12/02/2016,145.800 MHz FM

 Amsat DL QO-100 converter

 Un mois à l'écoute de QO-100

 FM DX / DAB / DAB +

 DX FM, Guide à l'usage du débutant

 Set up DX FM

 Super Moxon bande II VHF

VHF band II 88 - 108 MHz BC stations received listing

 VHF band OIRT 65,8 - 74 MHz  stations received listing

VHF band I 47 - 68 MHz BC stations received listing

VHF band III 174-240 MHz DAB/DAB+ BC stations received listing

 VHF band II countries received

 VHF band II french departements received

 RDS PS id received

 Car Radio MPX Output for RDS Spy

 Car radio "Clock & Data" output for RDS Spy


 Car radio ISO plugs 

 FM tuners spécifications


 Pics received per DXCC

 Pics received per US States - WAS

 ISS SSTV "Cosmonautics Day" avril 2018

 ISS KG STV Experiment Feb 2022

 1st SSTV picture relayed via ISS ?




 QSL - Deleted DXCC

 QSL - No DXCC countries

 QSL - Beacons

 QSL - Extraterrestrial





 QSL - Broadcast & utilitaries stations

 QSL - Citizen Band & Free Band



 How to reply to SWL's reports ?



 2m band locator logged

 Les identifiants SWL

 DX BCL, bulletins, blogs & tools

 Groff Watts, a famous SWL

 French islands awards

 Je, tu, ... îles

 Variables capacitors

 Hour around the world

 Japan IOTA map

 F-10255 FaceBook